About Dixon Creative

Dixon Creative all started when a guy and a girl met in a university cafeteria. It was there that our friendship began to bloom, and over the next few months we found that we shared similar passions. Design and marketing became typical topics of conversation; commercials became mealtime discussions on marketing tactics; and logos became dialogues on design strategy. We loved attempting to figure out what was going on behind the scenes. What was the company trying to accomplish?  Did it do a good job of presenting its brand?  Did the presentation change the feelings we had toward the company?

Our friendship developed into romance, and we were married in Columbus, Ohio in September 2012.  It seems only logical that our passion towards marketing and branding would become a business opportunity, and Dixon Creative came to be.

Our mission is to create and implement comprehensive marketing strategies for small businesses, showcasing your products and services to get noticed by customers.


We create strategic and artistic print and web designs that allow your brand image to be showcased. Design should always naturally complement your company’s personality.


Photography is so important in helping customers see and experience a product or service prior to making a purchase.

Internet Marketing

We understand that in the modern world, there is a lot of noise in every market. Our goal is to leverage your brand to stand out and be heard above the noise.


Search Engine Optimization is an important element in getting a brand noticed, which is why we take it seriously.